Natural Stone

CapStone Granite & Marble is a family-owned natural stone distributor based in Lubbock, TX.

The CapStone Experience

Our goal is to provide fabricators, builders, designers, and ultimately homeowners, with a unique selection experience. As a result of our background in residential and commercial stone fabrication, we knew that West Texas needed a natural stone distributor that catered to providing an experience where visitors could make decisions in a comfortable setting.

We offer high-quality natural stones, including granite, marble, quartzite, quartz, dolomite, and more.

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We are proud to offer our customers and their clients an unmatched selection experience in our showroom. Our showroom features large tables for you to lay out plans, design selections, or anything you may need to make a confident choice. Additionally, we have a comfortable living area for anyone and everyone to enjoy and relax.

Visit our air-controlled showroom and warehouse today!


Stone Types


We offer a wide-ranging granite selection that will look beautiful and perform well in any application. Our granite is imported directly from quarries in Brazil and India. Granite is a highly durable counter top surface, it has a high scratch and stain and heat resistance, but like any natural stone, it will require sealing once a year.


Marble is a soft limestone that is made up of calcium carbonate. It is quarried in many countries around the world but most famously in Italy. It comes in a variety of stunning colors and patterns and is one of the most popular countertop materials on the market. It has a higher tendency to etch, scratch, and stain, but the surface can be repaired in most cases.


Quartz is an engineered material offering hundreds of patterns and styles of quartz, and quartz does not require a sealer making it a prevalent choice. Contrary to popular belief, quartz can stain if not cleaned up promptly. At Capstone, we believe that we must provide our customers with the best knowledge on how to take care of and clean your quartz countertops.


Quartzite is an elegant natural stone that has the highest durability across all types of countertop materials. This material features beautiful linear veining or can look like a unique crystal. Its color scale varies widely. You can find various shades of whites, blues, greens, reds, gold, and browns. It is porous like any natural stone, and some quartzite more than others. You will want to seal these counters once or twice a year.


Capstone carries several different shades and colors of dolomites. Dolomite is a very dense and heavy natural stone, and its durability allows it to endure more wear and tear than most marbles. It is less likely to etch, scratch, and stain, making it an excellent candidate for high trafficked areas such as your kitchen and bathroom.

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